Music in todays New Media and How it is Promoted and Distributed(Pinterest Boards)


This board is going to cover the topic of music distribution online and how live performances today affect music sales currently. They are of course many sites that promote music releases and even provide samples, video clips or some sort of preview of what it is going to be. This is often seen in many music genres that are only popular in today’s young new media culture. By this I mean all the online users today who follow what new music is out there by searching the internet rather than subscribing to magazines. The music genre today that has most popular and interesting music distribution online is today’s hip-hop. They are many ways artists in the hip-hop scene promote their music or themselves in the new media. In today’s hip-hop, artists release a single from an upcoming album and many other artists do this as well from other music genres. They also advertise their own concerts by finding promoters online and I will go more in dept into that.

The importance of single song releases are that it can determine what the artist music style is and what anyone can expect from the potential album. Some singles are not meant for selling and are simply available for free download which can cause higher popularity, but the risk is that if the free released single overshadows the entire album project it can be financially detrimental to the success of the album release. This is why many singles are sold instead because if the single overshadows the album the artist can still make money or profit on his efforts from just one song. Again, this type of stuff with releasing hit singles are released in other music genres as it is a popular marketing alternative to just releasing an album and relying on the fans to take the risk of listening to a project that they don’t know what to expect. The reason many of my sources on Pinterest focus on hip hop is because it is the most popular music genre that is affected from online marketing and promotion. Hip hop is also a music genre I enjoy very much.

Other things hip-hop artists do to promote themselves or their music is that other music artists from other genres may not do is release mixtapes, which are essentially an album length. Additionally, the music content from mixtapes is free online. Hip hop artists make mixtapes prior to anything they put on the market from a record company or they make mixtapes to attract record companies. A mixtape can promote a new artist in hip-hop to attract fans and record companies or if they are already signed to a record company they can have songs in their mixtapes that maybe on an album they make and release later. Music listeners online can like and download the mixtapes enough to respect the artist to possibly purchase an upcoming album from that artist and buy all their music going forward. They are many websites online that share and allow downloading for mixtapes and hip-hop music singles, but for certain music singles that are supposed to be sold only are strictly banned from downloading and instead shared promoted to be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon, etc. When looking at singles sold revenue made on it artists can determine what the album success can potentially be financially and in music ratings.

Now I promised I would go back to looking at how live music performances promote music and especially in today’s hip hop where it is essential for success. Live music performances such as festivals or club events or any kinds of events can really bring people together to enjoy music and gain respect for whoever is performing. The organizers or music promoters also have an advantage in this situation because the whole live performance concept is a great marketing strategy that brings much money in its success. The reason why obviously that many people are attending concerts especially young people whom many are fans of today’s hip hop. This presents an opportunity to hip hop artists, bands and promoters to really benefit in this scenario because if they all come together and organize an event they can potentially make much money from this.

Once again hip hop has been proven to be a popular foundation for music marketing strategies that can quickly attract revenue such as live performances. Hip hop concerts of mainstream artists can bring much hype during the live performances as the music is so upbeat that it gets everyone today off their seats. Many sites are out there of music promoters willing to help upcoming hip hop artists organize events for their music. Hip hop artists today that are underground or trying to join in on the hip hop music scene are encouraged from many sources online to perform in a festival or some sort of concert. On my Pinterest board that covers the topic of Marketing in Live Music Performances has many links that are open for new artists or bands looking to perform live. Promoting live music events and performing in them can be beneficial to both the artists and the promoters, but it can also be a financial risk if the event doesn’t attract enough people or if it is a failure in entertaining. Overall, a live music performance rating is a substantial mark on anyone’s career who’s involved in it and it is almost a necessary move to be largely recognized for music. The articles on Pinterest that should be given the most attention are those that promote new artists to take the big step into performing. People how see my two Pinterest board topics should also look at the stories of how live performances benefited other popular artists in today’s music culture.

The Pinterest experience has really helped voice out knowledge I had on this important new media topic that I hardly imagined myself sharing in such a creative manner. I really enjoyed using the features of Pinterest and many of the sites and content I pinned are sites I refer to for music content. Many of the sources I have found on the live performances were ones I’ve searched for and some I was aware of on some level. HotNewHipHop and 2dopeboyz are two sources I use very much for my music content which is how I included them in my board topic for Music Distribution. Pinterest is one alternative to sharing thoughts and sources you know on relevant new media topics and its growth is important for our society to be aware of what other people’s inputs on certain things are. Well that is all I have to say enjoy reading previewing my boards on Pinterest and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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