Jenkins reading on chapter 1 of Convergence Culture reveals the truth about Spoilers.


The reading of Jenkins Convergence Culture chapter one covers the astonishingly popular CBS show that started the reality television trend known as Survivor (2004). The Survivor is extremely hyped due to the fact that it is television for the internet age that is designed to be discussed, dissected, debated, predicted, and critiqued. The winner of the Survivor is one of the most secretive decisions that are guarded heavily. I believe this is where we see this information relative to certain copyright claims because if information on a winner is leaked they are enormous fines. This reminds me of a few years ago when the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked, an uncompleted version of the film, and that created much controversy on how this would affect the ticket sales. If anyone knows that happened to the people that leaked the movie within the company please let me know the details.

The hard-core fans for any type of TV show, especially Survivor, would make the effort to attempt to find spoilers. I really liked how this article defined spoilers and many fans of different TV shows that are popular would try to find them. For Example, the Dragon Ball series has a large fan base since it is the most popular anime action show in the world and they are many loyal fans that will buy tapes of episodes or find leaked episodes before they were aired. I remember that many of my friends who were fans of the Dragon Ball series would watch episodes in Japanese, with English subtitles, before it was released or aired in the United States and even if it was they found ways to download ahead of time prior them being aired. All of this is similar to how Jenkins explained in the reading that fans would watch taped episodes to find the details of the show Survivor before its own producer’s air it and this is an example of spoiling. The topic of spoilers is what really interested me about this particular reading. Spoilers are certainly not always the worst thing to happen to a show as Jenkins explained how certain fans just overlook details to find answers before they are revealed, but we must be aware of spoilers that are detrimental to the suspense of a particular show in the business aspect. The internet gives all kind of access to information on possible spoilers and in the words of Jenkins “We are experimenting with new kinds of knowledge that emerge in cyberspace” (28, Jenkins).


X Men Origins Wolverine Leaked


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