Sports Media, Twitter and Blogging

Much of today’s sports media has been covered by many online sources and Twitter is definitely one of them. The sport I follow the most is NBA basketball in addition to some college basketball and some NFL. YouTube can also be helpful if you’re a subscribed member to a numerous  amount of sports accounts because then you can attain the latest video footage on athletes and sports highlights. Twitter is the best by far for sports media today because you can follow all your favorite athlete’s over the world unlike Facebook that has a friend limit capacity. In addition to knowing what your favorite athlete’s are up to, you can follow all the professional sports analysts to know what “buzz” is going on in professional sports. By saying the word buzz means trade rumors, practices, player workouts and health in addition to how they feel about the current team they are on and opponents they are about to face.  Twitter is also faster and more efficient to discuss sports with your friends than Facebook because then you don’t get many people just fighting over one status. Instead they just talk directly to you.

David Aldridge

I had attended the Celtics versus Heat game late in January and during halftime I was on Twitter and I found out that our star player Rajon Rondo will miss the remainder of the season due to an ACL injury.  I found out this information from NBA analysts I follow on Twitter and one of them is David Aldridge. I was still new to Twitter so I asked some people during the game about Rondo’s MRI report as the game resumed and many people didn’t even know Rondo was even getting an MRI or knew he was injured. I have found out trade’s that have happened in the NBA before they are officially announced on ESPN or any other sports radio stations.


They are of course sources outside of Twitter that can help people follow their favorite sports teams. I have had accounts on some of these sports site blogs even though I almost never commented or made my own blog. The sites I follow information about the Boston Celtics on are Redsarmy and CelticsLife. From these sites I learn all the trade rumors and free agents out that the Celtics are scouting, information on press conferences after games and practices. Twitter today is a huge contributor to Sports media, but you cannot ignore other sites and blogs because they have important information as well.

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