New Media Effect on Professional Athletes Character and Profession


Today’s new media have truly affected how athletes are perceived and it allows fans to figure out what type of people they are in life outside of their sport. Not many people could really guess how Michael Jeffrey Jordan’s character outside of basketball was. All they knew was that he was a fierce competitor, hard worker, and a trash talker on the basketball court. Fans can easily follow their favorite athletes on Twitter and some of them even have YouTube accounts where they have videos of their life.  Athletes have pressure to maintain good character in the media or else they could get fined and scrutinized. This can be seen as fair or unfair because everyone should still be allowed to be themselves, but at the same time they have to be professional at whatever expectation given because many people are watching these athletes. Athletes and coaches have said things offensive such as cursing on Twitter and some of them have been fined in many cases if it is against officials.  Athletes can be professional and still show their true character and one player in the NBA that does that is Kevin Durant. On YouTube Kevin Durant has episodes (35th Hour) recorded of his life and many fans including myself can check it out and figure out what type of character he is.

Skip Bayless: Sports Analyst


Kevin Garnett: Professional NBA player (Power Forward)

Kevin Garnett Press Conference

Many athletes can be role models to their fans just as they can be bad influences as well. In the professional business field employees are warned about things they have up on their social networks. If employees in any sort of business field are caught with some inappropriate pictures on their online social network, professional or unprofessional, they could be potentially fired. It makes sense that athletes in professional sports should be held to a similar standard because they are in a worldwide entertainment business. The sports entertainment tries to maintain a clean image so more fans of all levels of maturity can watch the games. Blogging is also a major contributor to how athletes are perceived because any small rumor, story or lie that transpires can be blogged about and assumed to be true. Jalen Rose and Bill Simons discuss how a supposed incident between Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony transpired during a Knicks Vs Celtics NBA game where Kevin Garnett insulted Carmelo’s wife Lala Anthony. They mentioned how this incident was blogged and many people assume it is true even though Kevin Garnett denies it to the media. Another thing that transpired is that an NFL team organization, New York Jets, acquired Tim Tebow and his role was undetermined. Tim Tebow was accused by many sports analysts of using Twitter for popularity gain to start as the New York Jets starting quarterback.  In a way new media puts more pressure on athletes to maintain good character professionally throughout their life, especially on social networks, because they may go through some unwanted scrutiny if they don’t maintain good character.

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks

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