A Forced Fine Line Between Facebook & LinkedIn


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I strongly believe an emphasis needs to be made on the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn because both of them are different social networks meant for different purposes. The reason why I believe this is because when I go into business I do not like the idea of other people in my job environment trying to friend request me on Facebook. Following me on Twitter is ok and adding me on LinkedIn is completely professional, but that is as far as it should go. I do not believe deleting my Facebook just to save myself from an imperfect image, as I do not have any inappropriate content, but I have other personal things. I have of cursed on my Facebook statuses like many people have, but that isn’t the issue as I also have a variety of friends on there as well. Many of my friends in the past have been good to me and important parts of my life that words cannot explain and in the business world if they are dressed a certain way then they are profiled and so will I.


Everyone of my close friends are the reason I am here in college today. Some of my friends who are older than me who never thought about pursuing college have shown me its consequences not just by that action alone, but by what they told me about regretting that choice and how it was a big mistake. These friends were also there for me when I struggled in many aspects of my life early in high school. The safe thing that is encouraged is to take down the pictures with them that lead to profiling of my character in negative ways, however those pictures are memories of mine and I feel like I would be insulting those people who were there for support. Instead I believe a fine line should be established that nobody working in a business environment should be encouraged to look at other employees Facebook pages as it is personal. There should be no friend requesting on Facebook of people within your business environment unless your employees are already personal friends. Some employees, managers and bosses will friend their employees and those employees will feel bad for rejecting their friend request as Danah Boyd pointed out in his essay, Friends, Friendsters, and MySpace Top 8: Writing Community Into Being on Social Network Sites, on page eight. Boyd says that “it is socially inappropriate to say no because you know them” (8, Boyd), but I say that it is completely inappropriate to friend request someone you only know in your work environment. The solution for socializing online with someone you strictly know as a work colleague is LinkedIn and this should be emphasized in our new media more than it may already be. Facebook is should strictly be for having people you know personally in your life or at least went to school with.

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