Identifying Music in Any Surrounding


Many people today and in the past seem paranoid when they hear a song they like and they do not know anything of it. It can be frustrating when your hear a song without knowing who the artist is or the name of the song or even what album it is from, but there is a solution for this in today’s new media technology. The solution has been apps and software features on smart phones or any sort of portable device that can record sound. Shazam, Soundhound and MusixMatch have been the apps that have been the solution to identifying music in our current surroundings. They maybe more apps that can carry out the similar function as Shazam, Soundhound and MusixMatch, but it is well known that these three apps are the best for music identification. I personally love thee apps and the ones I use are Shazam and Soundhound since they are Apple apps on my iPhone. These apps tend to identify songs from a given database such as iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, etc. When the apps identify a track within the area they will list the song along with the artist, known album (if any), and a link to purchase the song. Sometimes the app may not retrieve all the information on the song and this just depends on the database. The database is always being updated and sometimes the apps need to be updated as well.



The benefit of having multiple identifying music apps on your iPhone or any portable device is if one doesn’t recognize a song the other possibly will. New music is coming out every day and yet Shazam or Soundhound still surprise me when they can still recognize what I am playing. It may not have all the information but it is impressive how technology in our media changes every day. The fact is that something as powerful as a sound recognition feature is easily accessible in common devices used by millions of people today. As this technological trend continues where common people have access to higher levels of technology who knows what type of technology is in development right now and its magnitude of impact.

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