The Craziness of Fans

Fans or fandom is something that is has been changing over the years as it is one of the most important factors surrounding any film, TV show, sports entertainment, celebrities etc. Katherine Larsen and Lynn S. Zubernis talk about fandom in their book FANGASM: SUPERNATURAL FANGIRLSand they have many unique examples. One example they talk about are science fiction series like the Star Trek series and the Star Wars series and how their fans tend to be. One big question that comes to mind when talking about fandom is how to tell if someone is a fan of some particular TV show, movie or sports team? Another question is how can fans of any TV show, movie or sports team determine if another person is a fan of what they like? Larsen and Zubernis talk about how fans of similar interests can all have similar tendencies and they go on to talk about how “fans of a television show, especially one that falls within the sci-fi genre, are often viewed as a disquieting breed apart” (Larsen & Zubernis, 2). I wish the part of the title of the book wasn’t just “Supernatural Fangirls” because when reading this book it does talk about interesting qualities that fans of any gender tend to share in common and I feel like just the title’s initial part “Fangasm” alone was good enough. Anyways, reflecting back on fan tendencies of a particular genre of television, Larsen and Zubernis early in their book talk about fanatics of a particular TV show having similar personality traits (Larsen & Zubernis 3-4).


It is fact that fans of science fiction such as Star Wars or Star Trek are different from fans of soap operas like Ugly Betty. People will question this statement saying “what you mean fans of science fiction is different from the fan base of soap operas” or “what specific aspects are different within fans of sci-fi or soap operas?” People will even question if the statement makes sense if these questions are not initially answered and the answer is simply too look at the personality of the different fans, how they follow their science fiction show or movie or a soap opera, and what do fans of science fiction or soap operas tend to debate about whether its face-to-face interaction within peers, social networks or blogs. Many fans of entertainment tend to fantasize a possible future occurrence that could likely or unlikely happen and they even discuss this with their peers which is completely normal as I have done it among my peers. These future occurrences can be anything for example in films of action it can be two lead characters from different films crossing over or in sports it can be two or three star athletes coming together on the same team. Larsen and Zubernis give a very strange example in their book whereas “there are at least as many Supernatural fans who like to fantasize about the two lead actors getting it on as there are fans who are scandalized by that sort of fantasy” (Larsen & Zubernis, 102). Fans can fantasize about anything and they shouldn’t be judged badly for it because there just showing in one way how interested they are in a particular movie or series, TV show, sports team or a particular professional athlete.


Many times fans are very strange when it comes to obsession with particular celebrities whether it’s a professional actor or actress or athlete. People are also quick to judge these celebrities especially when they see them in public. Larsen and Zubernis give an example when they talk about people that “write on IMDB that they met someone in an elevator and he’s a prick. And maybe that person just got some bad news about their sixteen-year-old or something, you really don’t know…” and this reminds me of a similar experience (Larsen & Zubernis, 150). My brother and I met an NBA basketball player, Jason Terry, at the New England Baptist Church Hospital when I was getting surgery for my torn ACL and I called out his name and he just waved back and didn’t say anything despite how excited my brother and I were. I didn’t judge him and rant on Twitter about him because I know he only knows me to be a fan like many other people so he’s going to approach me the same way as any other fan that recognizes him. They are crazy fans that stock their favorite celebrities on Twitter and Instagram. An example of a crazy fan that Larsen and Zubernis share is of a fangirl that tries to throw herself on famous actor Jensen Ackles (Larsen & Zubernis, 29-30). The crazy fangirl was attempting to kiss Jenson Ackles and security had to come in and stop her (Larsen & Zubernis, 29-30). Girls of course are not the only ones capable of being crazy fans as in the video below a crazy male fan at a Cleveland Cavaliers game tries to confront NBA player Kyrie Irving during his team’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers in attempt to convince him to stay in Cleveland.

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